Weight loss & Slimming Pune

Weight loss & slimming Pune at Jalan HealthCare
During our treatments:

  • You are allowed to chose your weight loss method
  • We don’t count your calories – because excess calories dont make you fat
  • We do not advise any sorts of exercises or workout schedules.
  • We don't advise using vibrators or undergoing any sorts of mechanical treatments for losing weight – simply because they only make you urinate which is only water loss and not fat loss.
  • We do not encourage losing weight by liposuction or any other bariatric procedures – because there are potential issues involved which need to be understood very well and also you may end up gaining all the weight lost by such procedures.

Let us realize that obesity is first a medical disorder then a cosmetic abnormality. Whenever we have a disordered state we have a cause for the same which cannot be neglected.
Similarly, weight gain should always be analyzed for all its possible causes (hypothyroidism, menstrual disorders, nutritional deficiencies etc.) and then one could aim towards losing weight.
Merely treating the symptoms i.e. increased weight of any existing disease would always make you regain if you have lost any weight.
Our treatment begins with a complete set of investigations which includes Thyroid profile, Liver profile, Lipid profile, Blood cell indices, ECG etc to check for any abnormalities and then the weight loss treatment follows.
We are different from all the other weight loss centres in pune in terms of the approach that we have towards the whole understanding of body metabolism.
Our treatments are homeopathic / ayurvedic / dietary based on your choice and possibilities & we understand that the difference lies in the way an individual's body processes food, making a person gain or lose weight.

We aim at correcting an individual's body metabolism.
We make sure that you continue your existing daily lifestyle and yet lose weight like never before. Any lifestyle modification made in an attempt to lose weight would make you regain after you move back to your daily schedule.
We advise healthy food choices to ensure that your body gets the right amount of micro-nutrients,vitamins & minerals to function normally.
There has been a general acceptance to the thought that eating more (fatty food & refined sugars) leads to weight gain, but this is not exactly true.
It should not be difficult for us to realize that there are many individuals who eat whatever they like but yet they don't gain weight?
If eating was directly related to weight gain every individual who would eat more would gain weight but this doesn't happen.
We ensure we take every possible effort to make you lose weight. We guarantee absolutely no side effects during or after our treatments. We are currently based in PUNE.