Concepts of Delivered Diets Method

Shock your body

The body tries to maintain your weight . To lose weight you would need to do something that shakes up your body

Not a one way street!

A person who starts dieting will see his weight go up and down. I might not seem to budge for a week or so.That is the normal weight loss process nothing to worry about

Nutrient deficiencies

The body needs too many nutrients and micronutrients to normally function. Testing all of them every now and then is virtually impossible. A good diet plan will surely try and fulfill the complete nutritional needs of the body

different diets
Different bodies- Different diets !

Some types of diets work more effectively in some individuals . Some others diets may work better in others.

A lifetime of diets?

A lifetime of good and healthy eating will always help you to stay healthy

do not count calories
Reducing calories does not help!

We do not believe in restricting calories in any of our diet programs

meals on time
Meal timings are important!

Correct meal timings and a decent sleep will help your diets to deliver faster results

No exercise advised
Diets without exercises

A lot of dieters start too much together and then give up everything because they cannot continue to follow through. So we never advise any exercise in any of our diet plans

no cheating in diets
Honestly and discipline are the key!

Having cheat meals every now and then will spoil the time and effort put into dietary changes.