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The basic idea here is that we will check your body type and suggest a diet plan that you need to follow by yourself. We will also prescribe some Ayurvedic medicines to take care of the associated problems you may have like Constipation , Flatulene & Gases, Acidity & Burping , Indigestion , Sleeplessness or dull feeling

We would also advise you tests and investigations to check for any medical abnormalities and nutrition & vitamin deficiencies.


Details & Advantages

In this approach you have to call us daily with your weights and have an early dinner. Having clear motions and regular routines are very important in this program method. Upon calling the doctors would note your weights and suggest you the diet alteration as and when needed. YOu do not have to visit us frequently. You can visit us when you have any doubts about what and how to cook/consume. If travelling to the clinic is difficult we can also do the consultation over the phone if needed.

All medical tests are done to check for any abnormailities and deficincies if any.We would work on correcting associated issues like Gases , Constipation & Acidity in this program as they affect the normalcy of weights.If you are a housewife or a person who can cook your own food and want a cheaper alternative this is an extremely suitable program



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