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metabolism correction
Metabolism is important

Two individuals might be eating the same food and have the same physical exercise but one is fat and one is lean

weight mystery
Non increasing weight mystery!

A person who is fat normally stops gaining weight at a point. If he/ she was gaining weight because of excess calories then what causes the increments in weight to stop?

rice carbs
Carbohydrates are not bad !

Normally people advise cutting carbohydrates. South Indians , Bengalis all eat rice as the staple food . Are they more fat than those who consume less carbohydrates?

different metabolism
Different bodies- Different metabolism !

When each of us has different tastes will the body of different individuals treat the food in same or different ways?

lifetime dieting
A lifetime of diets?

If diets are the way to lose weight ask yourself whether you are prepared for a lifetime of diets?

Reducing hunger does not help!

Why has modern medicine failed to address obesity though there were a lot of drugs found that can reduce hunger?

diet meals
Meal timings are important!

Is it easier to diet your entire life or eat anything but just maintain good timings ?

muscular body
Exercising is meant to build muscles

Men who exercise heavily are heavier (eg. WWE champions) or lean ? Our basic learning remains that body weight is not governed by what food you eat, it is simply beyond calories.

iron & calcium
Underestimating your body's ability?Carbohydrates are not bad !

When our body does not absorb iron or calcium from our meals more than needed then why would it take up more calories?