Obesity -Everything you should read!

Obesity Read everything you ever wanted to know!

A lot of us believe that oils and fats are to be avoided in our meals as they are unhealthy but this is not true .
The body gets a lot of fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, E,K etc .
Fats add palatability to food so you eat less.You eat a lot more when you stop avoiding fats.
Also fats are a part of a lot of hormones.Almost all body hormones have fatty acid chains in them.
Without fats your bile production and the consequent hematological cycle would get disturbed.
You might start experiencing gases, flatulence ,indigestion and constipation if you start avoiding fats
However you must understand the difference between good and bad fats and eat good fats like butter and ghee and non-refined pure oils with additional benefits like sesame oil,groundnut oil,coconut oil,olive oil and mustard oil.
Artificially hydrogenated fats and Trans fats are very harmful .