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Weight Loss

At Jalan Healthcare

We understand that health is all that matters.

The physicians at Jalan Healthcare are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of obesity. Here, our experts take an individualized approach to patient care - recognizing that no two cases are exactly alike.

we provide 3 basic methods for losing weight. Click on them to know more about each

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Jalan Healthcare- 360° Weight loss Solutions

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Lose Weight at Home

Lose weight without disturbing your routine life.- Yes you can lose weight without travelling to our clinic regularly.

Metabolism Correction

Once your metabolism is corrected you will no longer have to fight your body or resist food.

Money Back Guarantee

Offering written money back guarantees since 2009

Just 1 Call daily

Ever imagined that a 3 minute call is all it would take to lose weight? Unbelievable but true.

No exercise needed

Doing exercise to lose weight is of no help,exercises are done to make you increase your muscle bulk. Also you will end up gaining weight when you stop your exercising routine.

No Calorie counting

We do not count calories as weight lost with eating less tends to come back easily


Homeopathy & Ayurvedic systems are used as these systmes consider the minute details of every case to provide personalised solutions

Homeopathy is a unique system of medicine where the strength of the medicine is decreased rather than being increased.
Homeopathy is a system of medicine that works on reducing the dose rather than increasing it.
Very small doses & extremely diluted of medicine are prescribed.Usually one pill or globule.

The ancient Indian system of medicine has principles that are very unique.
An extensive study of all flora and fauna and their effects on the body are mentioned.
Since Ayurveda works on different principles it might have fallen behind when you want a quick and temporary solution but for chronic diseases Ayurveda has a lot of potential but lack of evidence and research is what is leading to slow acceptance .
However we have very clear application of Ayurveda and it's ‘The system' we use to correct your acidity gases and flatulence.

Diets fail often because they are not used effectively. With the right guidance you can lose weight without exercise & without counting calories.

If the troika of acidity , gases and constipation has surrounded you it should ring alarm bells. We focus on resolving them simultaneously as they could potentially stop your weight loss process

Our Specialities

We can help you lose weight with diets or without diets as per your choice and lifestyle.

Without Diets

In this option we do not make dietary changes

In this method we use only homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines to make long lasting changes in the metabolism of the person. The only change suggested is to have an early/light dinner. This is very effective and useful for someone who finds dieting expensive or not doable. This option is very good to help lose weight and keep it off for the long term. However the person needs to sleep on time for this option to be effective

  •  No Diets
  •  No Exercise
  •  Metabolism Correction
  •  Treatment at your home
  •  Just a call daily
  •  Only maintain your routine
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Delivered Diets

In this service we provide 3 meals per day delivered hot to your doorstep. This food is made by expert chefs and you do not have to compromise on taste while losing weight.This option is extremely useful for those who are willing to control what they eat but cannot follow a routine or for individuals who frequently travel

  •  Hot & Tasty meals
  •  Doorstep Delivery
  •  New menu everyday
  •  Healthy ingredients
  •  Adequate portions
  •  Extremely hassle free!
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Dietary Consultation

For individuals who can manage to cook and ensure their meal at home we provide complete dietary consultation to help them lose weight

  •  Extremely cost effective
  •  Tried and tested Advise
  •  In-person Consultation
  •  Food option suggestions
  •  Full diet charts
  •  Scientific dietary Advice
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Associated Problems

Acidity-Gases-Constipation. Bloating, Lethargy, Lack of energy are all pointers to various deficiencies and disturbances that need to be resolved for your weight loss efforts to be effective

  •  Qualified Doctors
  •  24×7 Emergency Services
  •  General Medical
  •  Feel like Home Services
  •  Outdoor Checkup
  •  Easy and Affordable Billing
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All Medical Reports

We use different systems of medicines for treatment based on the problem at hand but we always believe in measuring the output and effectiveness of the treatments for which we use all possible modern equipment’s whether it be an ultrasound, a CT scan, an MRI or a DEXA or pathological reports. Measurements and investigations are not a part of one system of medicine and should be used to have a definitive understanding that the patient can also see.

  •  Thyroid Reports
  •  Blood Sugar
  •  Vitamin D & B
  •  Cholesterol
  •  ECG
  •  Micronutrient check if required
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Our Patients

See what some of our patients say

Mrs Sunita Gupta


Complaints like swelling on my legs, varicose veins, inability to walk long distances with overweight had become a part of my life. Now after losing 13.9kgs I feel like a changed woman. I had kept my fingers crossed considering that I would gain my lost weight; but to my surprise I have not gained it back and rather continued to lose weight even after my treatment was over.

Mrs Sunita Bapat

Senior Citizen

At my age of 71 one tends to lose interest in life, the same happened with me. Suffering from Obesity with Joint pains and hypertension I could hardly go out of my house or do my daily routine. I had lost all hope that I will be able to enjoy my life again; but Jalan's treatment has worked wonders for me. I lost 30kgs & did not gain any of it back. Life is difficult in old age, but it is more difficult with obesity.

Mr Rohit Jindal


I did not believe that miracles happen but what happened with me is nothing short than a miracle. I had tried everything including gym, dieting but nothing seemed to work. However Jalan HealthCare did the magic and I lost 10.55kgs. Today I feel a lot better, like an all new ROHIT.

Sonali Dubey

Busy Mom

Having tried exercising, dieting, starvation & every other possible way to lose weight, I really thought that I would never lose weight nor gain my lost confidence. After losing 12.2kgs at Jalan's I would say that I rediscovered myself and now live my life with much more enthusiasm and energy.


Shoestring budget or convenience in a busy lifestyle; we have options that can help every desirous person to lose weight

Without diets

@ Rs 2500/kg



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Delivered Diets

@ Rs 2000/10 meals



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Consultation Only

@ Rs 1500/month



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